Euclid Partners with The Global Myopia Symposium to Educate Eye Care Practitioners on Myopia Management

October 13, 2021

For the second year in a row, the Global Myopia Symposium (GMS) gathered clinicians, researchers, and educators from around the world for a meeting (Sept. 17 – 19) dedicated entirely to myopia management. Myopia experts armed conference attendees with clinical research updates and anecdotal observations aimed at helping them elevate their myopia management practices to the next level. Topics ranged from practice management tips and effective marketing strategies to implementing cutting-edge clinical measures to mitigate myopia-related risks.

Euclid Systems proudly sponsored the well-attended Symposium, and orthokeratology played a leading role in the educational sessions. Euclid’s Global Director of Clinical & Scientific Affairs, Jane Beeman, FCLSA, NCLEM, gave an orthokeratology-focused presentation in conjunction with Dr. Trevor J. Fosso, Director of Contact Lens Services, PineCone Vision Center, Sartell, MN. The talk, “Successful Ortho-K = Balancing Material Properties with Proven Designs,” stressed that achieving success with orthokeratology in a busy day-to-day optometric practice requires practitioners to have a good understanding of their chosen product. They noted that eye care providers need to know more than curves, angles, target powers, and elevation differences – they also need to understand material flexibility, surface wetting, deposit resistance, and oxygen delivery characteristics because these factors are all crucial elements of the successful orthokeratology equation. The pair discussed Euclid’s legacy products, Emerald™ and Euclid Emerald Toric, which provide time-proven performance, as well as Euclid MAX and MAX Toric orthokeratology lenses, which deliver outstanding material characteristics coupled with Euclid’s proprietary lens designs. Euclid MAX features an innovative material with a hyper Dk of 180, the highest of any U.S. overnight orthokeratology brand, without the compromise of lens stability. The pair addressed the use of Euclid MAX and MAX Toric to minimize chair ‘fit’ time, while maximizing patient satisfaction and why the oxygen permeability of Dk 180 lenses is especially important with young healthy eyes in the closed eye environment. To learn more about Euclid MAX, download the brochure now.

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This year Dr. Jason J. Nichols, chaired GMS, and Dr. Kate Gifford and Dr. Lyndon Jones were among the meeting’s esteemed education committee. Dr. Nichols co-founded The Ocular Surface Institute (TOSI) and conducts ocular surface and contact lens research. Dr Gifford is an internationally renowned clinician-scientist and she and her optometrist husband, Dr. Paul Gifford, developed the groundbreaking educational resources and to further myopia management efforts and raise public awareness of childhood myopia. Dr. Jones’ research primarily focuses on the interaction of novel and existing contact lens materials within the ocular environment, dry eye, and the development of novel materials for ocular drug delivery.

GMS features COPE-approved courses offered for continuing education credits. The content from GMS2021, which was open to all eye care professionals including ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, lens fitters, and their support staff, will remain available online through December 2021.

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