Euclid Systems Corporation Welcomes Dan Meinert as US Sales Manager

March 12, 2019

Euclid continues to expand its staff as the company leads the Proactive Myopia Management movement around the world

Euclid Systems Corporation Welcomes Dan Meinert as US Sales Manager |

Euclid Systems Corporation (Euclid), is a Global Leader in Myopia Management through Advanced Orthokeratology, is pleased to announce the addition of Dan Meinert to its US sales team.  Dan will assist eye care practitioners (ECPs) in expanding their practices through Orthokeratology utilizing the Euclid Emerald Proactive Myopia Management Treatment.

“Dan’s passion for helping ECPs expand their practices with orthokeratology and, in turn, helping patients realize their full potential through proactive myopia management, fits perfectly with Euclid’s mission and future goals,”

said David Bland, vice president of US sales.

“We are looking forward to working closely with our customers to Shape the Future of Vision around the world.”

Dan joins Euclid Systems Corporation from X-Cel Specialty Contacts, where he managed a 15 state region including key accounts, private practice, large healthcare organizations, and retail chains. Previously, he worked for SynergEyes, Inc., a corporation that manufactures and sells hybrid contact lenses for irregular corneal issues.

As Euclid Systems Corporation continues to expand in the US and across the globe, the company has invested in new leadership, evolved resources, and targeted programs to help shape the future of vision through Orthokeratology and Proactive Myopia Management. For more information about the company and its offerings, please email or call (800) 477-9396.

About Euclid Systems Corporation

Euclid Systems Corporation a global leader of Myopia Management and manufacturer of advanced Orthokeratology lens products. The Euclid Emerald Ortho-K Treatment has a unique, empirically fit lens design with no trial lenses required. With headquarters in Virginia, USA, and offices in Shanghai and Beijing, China, Euclid is leading the efforts in myopia management across the globe. Manufactured in the U.S., the Euclid Emerald lens design has received FDA approval in the U.S., CE mark for Europe, as well as regulatory approvals from numerous countries around the world.