Euclid Systems Partners with Global Specialty Lens Symposium (GSLS) 2022

January 24, 2022

Euclid Seizes the Chance to Educate Practitioners on the Successful Management of Pediatric Myopia

Euclid is dedicated to helping eye care providers (ECPs) best serve their patients through advanced orthokeratology and proactive myopia management. When the chance to help educate ECPs on cutting-edge technology and treatments relevant to proactive myopia management arises, Euclid steps up to the plate. One such opportunity emerged with this year’s GSLS 2022 conference, which convened in Las Vegas and counted over 400 ECPs and eye care industry stakeholders, from more than 80 countries, among its attendees.

The three-day conference offered the opportunity for ECPs to stay up to date on best practices and new treatments available through interactive educational platforms including expert panel discussions, breakout sessions, and clinical workshops.

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This year’s Executive Chair of the GSLS conference was Jason J. Nichols, OD MPH PhD FAAO. Dr. Nichols is the Assistant Vice President for Industry Research in the Office of the Vice President for Research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Vice Chair of the event was Karen S. DeLoss, OD, Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan, Department of Ophthalmology, Kellogg Eye Center, Ann Arbor, MI.

As a partner of the GSLS Symposium, Euclid utilized the opportunity to showcase its new MyEuclid customer portal. The conference offered an ideal venue to introduce the interactive, web-based system that is designed to help drive practice efficiency and optimize Euclid Ortho-K fits. Data-driven algorithms derived from 25 years’ experience offer system-generated recommendations for toricity and optic zone optimization. In addition, ordering, order tracking, and easy topography uploads help streamline the fitting process. Euclid Ortho-K, proven on millions of eyes around the world, is now even easier to implement into practice with MyEuclid.

Euclid considers it an honor to help educate ECPs about the successful management of myopia and regularly plays an integral role in the annual GSLS, which is considered the leading contact lens education conference globally.