My Most Effective Strategies for Presenting Ortho-K to Parents

June 8, 2020

My Most Effective Strategies for Presenting Ortho-K to Parents

Learn the importance of consistent messaging throughout your office and how to communicate directly to parents and patients about Ortho-K. Parents and children have numerous questions when confronted by their doctor about the need to begin management of their myopic progression.

Some questions may include:

  • What is myopia?
  • Why is it changing every year?
  • Why didn’t the glasses you gave us work?
  • What is overnight orthokeratology?
  • How long does it take to reach good day vision?
  • Once we have good vision, myopia growth stops right?
  • Is it risky or painful?
  • Why is it more expensive than buying glasses?

Join this exclusive webinar and Q&A session with an industry expert, Kate A. McClure, OD, MS, FAAO, as she shares her methods for educating parents from the initial office visit through annual follow-ups, to ensure parents and patients understand the dangers of not managing myopia and the advantages of using orthokeratology as a proactive myopia management treatment.

What you will learn:

  • Consistent messaging from exam rooms to front office staff
  • Tips for communicating directly with children in terms they understand
  • Listening to concerns from children, not just the parents