Euclid Joins GMAC’s #LittleKidLicense Campaign to Bolster Awareness About Childhood Myopia

September 22, 2021

Euclid Systems Corporation is proud to join other eye care leaders in supporting the #LittleKidLicense initiative led by the Global Myopia Awareness Coalition (GMAC) to raise awareness about childhood myopia. GMAC’s latest campaign sheds light on the importance of eye exams for children so they’ll be on track to do their best at whatever drives them.

“Little Kid License” Campaign Drives Home the Need for Childhood Eye Exams

As children return to school and settle into classrooms after more than a year of virtual learning, it’s the perfect time to remind parents of the importance of scheduling an eye exam for their children. GMAC decided that a great way to drive that point home was to invite junior racers to a go-kart track for some fast fun. But there was a catch! Before sliding into the driver’s seat, the youngsters had to have an eye exam so they could first earn a #LittleKidLicense, because if adults need their vision assessed before getting behind the wheel, then so should kids!

Kids Spending More Time on Screens May Increase Myopia Progression

Raising awareness around myopia is more important than ever, as pandemic behaviors—like kids spending less time outdoors and more time on screens—may increase the disease’s progression.1,2,3 According to a recent GMAC survey, half of parents reported that their children spent more than four hours using electronic devices each day during the pandemic, compared to 18% of parents reporting the same behavior prior to the pandemic.*

Myopia often gets worse over time, but the good news is new treatment options are available to proactively manage the disease. GMAC introduced “Little Kid License” as part of their ongoing effort to raise awareness about childhood myopia and the modern treatment options available beyond conventional glasses and daytime contact lenses. Orthokeratology is one treatment option available that may eliminate the need for daytime glasses or contact lenses to correct vision and help set children up for success. Learn more about Euclid orthokeratology lenses.

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Shedding Light on the Progressive Nature of Myopia

In addition to giving kids the opportunity to get their eyes examined, earn a cool #LittleKidLicense photo ID, and enjoy the chance to zip around a go-kart track, the GMAC campaign generated additional awareness by enlisting several well-known adult influencers to share information about the campaign on their popular social media sites. For instance, Kache Byrd, who has over 100 thousand Instagram followers, posted a picture of two of her daughters at the go-kart track along with the caption,

“I’ve teamed up with GMAC on their #LittleKidLicense campaign to shed light on the progressive nature of myopia and the importance of regularly taking your children in for eye exams. I was diagnosed with myopia as a child, and since I know myopia can be genetic, I’m doing my part in keeping up with my kids’ eye health so they can have the license to experience all of life’s activities to the fullest.”

Keep Your Eyes Open for these Symptoms

The GMAC campaign encourages parents to schedule an eye exam for their children even if the child isn’t experiencing vision problems. Myopia often leads to a child’s struggle in school, as well as increased eye disease risks. Poor school performance is often the first clue of myopia. Other common signs of myopia may include squinting, headaches, and difficulty seeing distant objects, such as teacher’s notes in the front of the class. Identifying issues early can have a real impact on their future.

To follow the campaign, search #LittleKidLicense on social media, or check Euclid’s social platforms for shareable content.

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