Euclid Systems Corporation Appoints David Bland as Vice President of US Sales

October 30, 2018

David joins Euclid’s leadership team as the company continues to make waves across the globe in Myopia Management through Orthokeratology.

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Euclid Systems Corporation, a Global Leader in Myopia Management and Advanced Orthokeratology, is pleased to announce David Bland as the new vice president of sales. Effective today, David will lead the company’s US sales efforts to assist eye care professionals (ECPs) with expanding their practices through Orthokeratology in the field of Myopia Management. David’s primary responsibilities will include strengthening customer partnerships, launching new products and programs, and executing strategic initiatives in the USA to continue Euclid’s rapid growth trajectory.

“David’s experience is a great fit with our talented leadership team,” said Mike Ross, president, and chief executive officer, Euclid Systems Corporation. “With his sales leadership and vision, David will help Euclid become the leading resource for ECPs in the USA for the management of myopia through its proprietary and industry-leading Emerald Ortho-k brands.”

David joins Euclid Systems Corporation from Bausch & Lomb, where he held a leadership role in the Specialty Vision Products business unit. David brings over 30 years of experience in specialty eye care, leadership, business strategy, and building high-performance teams.

As Euclid Systems Corporation moves into its next growth chapter, there are exciting times ahead for the company. With new leadership, evolved resources, and targeted programs, Euclid is shaping the future of vision through Orthokeratology and Myopia Management. For more information about the company and its offerings, please email or call (800) 477-9396.

About Euclid Systems Corporation

Euclid Systems Corporation a global leader of Myopia Management and manufacturer of advanced Orthokeratology lens products. Multiple clinical studies worldwide by prestigious independent researchers have proven the effectiveness of Orthokeratology, and specifically the Euclid Emerald lens, on slowing the progression of myopia. The Emerald Ortho-K procedure has a unique, empirically fit lens design with no trial lenses required. With headquarters in Virginia, USA, and offices in Shanghai and Beijing, China, Euclid is leading the efforts in myopia management across the globe.

Manufactured in the U.S., Euclid’s Emerald lens design has received FDA approval in the U.S., CE mark for Europe, as well as regulatory approvals from numerous countries around the world.