Impact Today’s Myopia Epidemic

Myopia isn’t just a visual disorder, it’s a growing global health epidemic.

By 2050, myopia is expected to become a leading cause of permanent blindness worldwide, with the number of myopes reaching almost 5 billion.1

That’s 5 billion reasons to partner with Euclid.

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Inside The Myopia Epidemic

The prevalence of myopia has nearly doubled since the 1970s.2

An entire generation of children is on its way to worse vision and ocular health than their parents. We’re seeing more and more kids with eyeglasses. What’s to blame? While genetics is a factor, science points to increased screen time and less time outdoors as key factors driving this myopia boom.3

Myopia in Children
is a Serious Issue

As an eye care community, we must do more to treat the condition, not just the symptoms.

Despite the industry’s best efforts with glasses and contact lenses, cases of myopia are increasing exponentially. We expect to see almost 5 billion myopes and almost 1 billion high myopes by 2050.1

Myopia significantly increases the risk of:



for myopia >8.00D4




for myopia >6.00D5


Retinal Pathology


for myopia >8.00D6


Shape the Future of Vision with Euclid Ortho-K

For decades, eye care professionals have treated the symptoms of myopia with stronger and thicker spectacle or contact lens prescriptions.

Now you have the option to proactively manage myopia with Euclid’s overnight orthokeratology product line—one of today’s most innovative forms of overnight Ortho-K. This modern treatment is safe, effective, FDA-approved, and proven on over 2 million eyes around the world.

Differentiate Your Practice with Euclid Overnight Ortho-K

Offer patients the opportunity for better eye health and vision with myopia management.

Especially with today’s myopia epidemic, Euclid Ortho-K treatment offers your practice the opportunity to be a part of the solution for myopia management for children*.
*Euclid Ortho-K is also available for adult myopes.