Euclid Vision Announces Acquisition of Visionary Optics

April 20, 2022

Ortho-K and Scleral Lens Leaders Join Forces to Offer Comprehensive Specialty Lens Care

Euclid Vision Corp., a global leader in advanced orthokeratology and proactive myopia management initiatives, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Visionary Optics, a specialty scleral contact lens design and distribution pioneer. The acquisition signifies Euclid’s recognition of the value of joining forces with Visionary Optics, the only company in the US that concentrates almost exclusively on scleral contact lenses. The union of these two companies increases each establishment’s ability to provide comprehensive specialty contact lens care to more patients globally.

We are excited about joining forces with Visionary Optics. This union opens exciting opportunities for cross-company collaboration and innovation, said Joseph Boorady, Euclid President and CEO.

Euclid Vision Announces Acquisition of Visionary Optics |

Visionary Optics, with its best-in-class scleral lens innovations and world class customer service, is a great match for the Euclid portfolio. Having market leading technologies in two of the fastest growing specialty contact lens markets — Ortho-K and scleral lenses — positions us to better serve our customers and their patients.

Euclid and Visionary Optics share many of the same cultural values, such as a dedication to professional education, strong partnerships with eye care professionals, and market savvy product innovation. Each company will retain their unique individual brand, while being perfectly positioned to reap the benefits of shared future endeavors.

“This is an incredible opportunity for Visionary Optics to work with a partner who can help take our business and technology to the next level, while also maintaining the key foundational aspects of what has fueled our success including our customer-driven corporate culture and high-tech research orientation, said Donald Sanders, MD, PhD Visionary Optics President and CEO.

Euclid and Visionary Optics understand that clinicians partner with companies that not only offer unparalleled lens design and the highest-level of advanced manufacturing, but those that also provide exceptional customer service.

Expert customer service is critical to the success of the clinicians who work with us, and we pride ourselves on the level of expertise for which our customer service team is known, said Dr. Sanders.

As we unite with Euclid, preserving these team values are integral to maintaining our role as a leader in scleral lens design and distribution. Thus, our customers can count on the same great service they are used to with Visionary Optics.

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About Euclid Vision

Euclid Vision, formerly Euclid Systems, is a global leader in advanced orthokeratology and proactive myopia management. Euclid is the exclusive manufacturer of the Euclid Emerald® and Euclid MAX™ Ortho-K contact lenses for overnight wear to reshape the cornea and wake up to clear vision. Today, Euclid is proven on millions of eyes around the world. The Euclid Ortho-K treatment has a unique, empirically fit lens design that yields an 87% first fit success*. No trial set is required. With headquarters in Virginia, USA, and offices in Shanghai and Beijing, China, Euclid is helping to lead the efforts in proactive myopia management across the globe. Manufactured in the U.S., Euclid orthokeratology lenses have received FDA approval in the U.S., CE mark for Europe, as well as regulatory approvals from numerous countries around the world. To learn more, visit or email

*Based on 2019 internal data

About Visionary Optics

Visionary Optics is a leader in the design and manufacturing of scleral lenses. Its portfolio includes Latitude, a freeform scleral lens offering complete contouring to the eye; Europa, a 2nd generation scleral lens design offering the most advanced customization available; Elara, a scleral lens designed for the regular cornea; and Jupiter Scleral, early scleral lens design that originated with the Visionary Optics Team. Visionary Optics also offers VibrantVue® specialty lens products, such as Scleral Saline Solution, VibrantVue® Hand Prep Spray and VibrantVue® Lid & Lash Care.

Visionary Optics is based in Oak Brook, IL, with offices in Front Royal, VA. To learn more, visit or email: