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Join Euclid, a Global Leader in Advanced Orthokeratology for Myopia Management.

For 20+ years, Euclid has refined the art and science of myopia management. Around the world, we’ve focused on today’s most challenging regions, like Asia, where myopia rates first reached epidemic levels. Euclid’s designs are one of today’s most innovative Ortho-K designs in the world.

As myopia’s impact climbs across the globe, we’re partnering with an increasing number of select eye care professionals, so more patients can benefit from the sophisticated, yet simple and modern design of Euclid lenses.

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Fitting ease. Optimized designs. Proven success.

Utilize the power of Euclid Ortho-K designs to give your patients excellent daytime vision, night wear comfort, and the predictable management of their progressive myopia.

1. Multi-Curve Design gently aligns the peripheral cornea, offering better centration for a closer, comfortable fit

2. Optimized Treatment Zone advanced algorithm results in a treatment zone based on each patient’s RX and corneal shape

3. Elevation Adjustments for Astigmatic Patients limbus to limbus corneal elevation differences are easily incorporated into Euclid’s proven Toric design

Euclid Ortho-K Treatment helps manage myopia without the use of daytime glasses or sacrificing a child’s visual acuity during the day*.

*Euclid Ortho-K is also available for adult myopes.

Proven Patient-Specific Lens Designs

Each Euclid Ortho-K lens is specifically designed for the individual patient’s eyes.

We share your personalized approach to patient care. With Euclid, you don’t select a lens that’s the closest match from a trial set. You provide patients the correct lens, specifically designed for their unique eyes. It’s tailored myopia management that complements your patient-centered practice.

As the child grows, and their eyes change, Euclid lenses offer an unmatched capacity to easily fine-tune the child’s lenses to their changing parameters.

Euclid Offers a Number of Treatment Options
Designed for Different Types of Eyes.*

Euclid Emerald & Euclid Emerald Toric are Euclid’s proven brands, with over two million lenses on eyes.
These lenses are available in oprifocon A and provide time-proven performance.

*Some products are only available in certain markets.

Introduce Your Next Generation of Patients
to the Next Generation of Ortho-K Lenses.

Euclid MAX & Euclid MAX Toric |

The latest breakthrough in overnight orthokeratology for myopia management, Euclid MAX and Euclid MAX Toric deliver the outstanding material characteristics of tisilfocon A with proven Euclid designs.


87% First-Fit Success |

87% First-Fit Success*

Minimizes chair time while maximizing patient satisfaction.

*Based on internal data

Excellent Wettability |

Excellent Wettability

For comfortable lens wear and deposit resistance.

Hyper DK |

Hyper DK

180 DK, the highest of any US overnight Ortho-K brand, is especially important with young healthy eyes in the closed eye environment.

Lens Stability |

Lens Stability

Optimized durability to resist warpage, scratches, and chips.

Three Factor Fitting With No Trial Set Required

Your chair time is critical.

The modern Euclid Ortho-K treatment is simple to implement in your practice, thanks to the power of three factor fitting. All we need are the following parameters: Rx, K readings, and HVID. Using our proprietary algorithms, we do the rest—designing lenses specifically for your patient. This efficient, empirical process is devoid of guesswork and yields a more than 87% first fit* and 95.5% fit success**. And with no trial set, you’re set on day one, without any investment outlay.
*Based on internal data | **With up to 1 exchange


Just provide these three parameters and our proprietary algorithms will do the rest




Compelling Evidence of Success

The efficacy and safety of Euclid Ortho-K Treatment is well documented in international peer-reviewed literature. While it is not a cure for nearsightedness, evidence from clinical studies show a ~46% myopia reduction with Ortho-K treatment.1-8

Proven Management of Myopia

Several pivotal clinical studies conducted by prestigious independent researchers prove the performance of next-generation Euclid Ortho-K Treatment.9,10

Clinically Proven Performance

Results from Ortho-K clinical research including, but not limited to the following, have proven the safe and effective application of orthokeratology for myopia management. Click to review these studies.

Long-Term Effect of Overnight Orthokeratology on Axial Length Elongation in Childhood
The Control Effect of Orthokeratology on Axial Length Elongation in Chinese Children with Myopia


I can’t imagine achieving a practice in which over one-half of my patients are in Ortho-K molds without having Euclid designs in my arsenal in the battle against progressive myopia.

- Dr. Robert Gerowitz, Palatine, IL

The process is very straightforward, and the referrals that these happy patients generate have significantly grown the myopia control portion of my practice.

- Dr. Stephanie Fromstein, Chicago, IL

I highly recommend Euclid MAX! I like using Euclid MAX Ortho-K for my patients because of its superb comfort and stability. The empirical fit is simple and time-saving. My patients have been very satisfied with the result!

- Kevin Chan, OD, MS, FAAO, Treehouse Eyes

I am excited to use Euclid MAX for my Ortho-K fits! I can feel confident that I am prescribing the healthiest material option for my patients. With Euclid MAX, my patients and their parents know they are receiving the best and newest technology available to them.

- Kate McClure, OD, MS, FAAO, Professional VisionCare LLC