Legacy, Innovation and Shaping the Future Together – Euclid Partners with Vision China 2020

November 4, 2020

Legacy, Innovation and Shaping the Future Together Euclid Partners with Vision China 2020 | EuclidSys.com

Vision China 2020(VC), an annual academic program on visual health in China was held at the Dalian International Conference Center, which also was the main venue of “Summer Davos” from October 15 to 18, 2020. The conference and exhibition invited more than 400 prominent speakers in the fields of ophthalmology, optometry, and visual science as well as the eye and vision care industry attracted more than 3000 visitors. Euclid as a global leader in proactive myopia management and advanced orthokeratology is very proud to be the TOP partner of the event and arranged a full variety of academic activities for the benefit of all visitors from afar, including a satellite meeting, KOL presentations at the booth, and an Ortho-K fitting competition.

This year’s satellite meeting was our signature activity with a theme of proactive myopia management from good to great. Invited VC Conference Chair, Director of National Key Laboratory of Visual Science and National Engineering Research Center, Director of Optometry Association under Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Vice President of Chinese Ophthalmological Society, Director of Medical Department of Ophthalmology & Optometry, Wenzhou Medical University, President of Eye Hospitals Group, Wenzhou Medical University, Director of Optometry School of Peking University Health Science Center, Professor Jia Qu as our meeting chairman and Director of Ophthalmology, Peking University People’s Hospital and Director of Ophthalmology, China’s No. 1 comprehensive Hospital – Xie He Hospital as meeting anchormen. The satellite meeting concluded with four keynote speakers and open discussions.

In addition to the satellite meeting, Euclid’s booth was received a full audience with 26 well-known ophthalmologists and optometrists that give 540 minutes of lecture covering topics such as toric fitting, follow-ups, patient communication, customization of lens design, and other clinical topics.

For the Vision China 2020 main conference program, we specifically facilitated AiEr’s three sessions: “Love’s Light—Vision Impairment Rehabilitation Forum: Case Sharing”, “Functional Eye Disease” and “Prevention and treatment of myopia and lightening/ Display Technology”. Since our partnership began with Beijing AiEr Foundation under China Female Mayor Foundation in 2016, Euclid has sponsored various charitable projects on eye health managed by AiEr.

Euclid’s dedication to eye health not only shows its efforts on educating and serving our fitters, but also can be seen by its great efforts in raising the awareness of the myopia epidemic and its consequences in China. With this goal, we are glad to collaborate with China’s most influential health media the People’s Daily Health App to elevate the impact of our eye health promotion and education and contribute to the improvement of Chinese people’s eye health. During Vision China’s opening ceremony, the 2019 Eye Health Public Population Experts Awards Ceremony, jointly selected by the People’s Daily Health App and the Optometry Group under the Ophthalmology Session of the China’s Medical Association, was the highlight. Euclid as the strategic partner of People’s Daily Health App also supported the ceremony.

Legacy, Innovation and Shaping the Future Together Euclid Partners with Vision China 2020 | EuclidSys.com

Professor Ni, Hailong, Chief Physician with Zhejiang University No. 2 Hospital, Dr. Zhu, Jianfeng, Chief Physician with Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Control Center, Dr. Wu, Jie, Chief Physician with No. Hospital Affiliated to Xi’an Jiao University, Professor Zhang, Fengju, Chief Physician with Tongren Hospital in Beijing, and Li, Professor Lihua Chief Physician with Tianjin Eye Hospital, Professor Mao, Xinjie Chief Physician with of Eye Hospital Affiliated with Wenzhou Medical University, a total of six ophthalmologists won the awards. Hao, Xiaobei Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Zhongshan District in Dalian, and Wenzhou Medical University affiliated eye hospital executive director Chen Hao presented them with the awards.

Euclid also facilitated a one-hour live online eye health promotion and Q&A broadcast given by China’s top optometry KOL, Fan Lyu, Director of the National Center for Clinical Medical Research (Eye Diseases) through the platform of People’s Daily Health App and other popular live video portals. The live show attracted 2.26 million views.

Naming Sponsorship: “Time to Show” Ortho-K Fitting Competition

On the afternoon of Oct 17, more than 200 participants witnessed the final of the first-year “Time to Show” orthokeratology fitting case competition, and Euclid was the naming partner of this attractive show. Six contestants presented their cases and clinic know-how with different Ortho-K brand lenses. Panel members are either IAOA fellows or leading Ortho-K experts in China. After their heated Q&A session with all contestants, optometrist Jinliang Sun who fit Euclid Emerald lenses won the first prize.

Euclid is looking forward to continuing the dedication of optometry industry development in China and around the globe.